Predatory scams continue in Spokane

A scammer claiming to be a “Lt. Harris” told a victim she had failed to respond to a summons, and that she now had two warrants out for her arrest.

Wednesday afternoon, the scammer told the victim she needed to purchase MoneyPak cards from Albertson to pay fines totaling $2,225.00.

The victim’s became more fearful when he told her her car was being tracked and that the only way she could avoid jail was to purchase cards as instructed and not make contact with law enforcement.

She was told to use cash to purchase the MoneyPak cards, and to travel to the Public Safety Building, but not enter and stay outside.

The scammer told her to read him the “insurance numbers” off the back of the cards.

After the victim read the numbers to the suspect, he told her to go inside the PSB and he would contact her.
Once inside, she learned there wasn’t a “Lt. Harris,” and that it was a predatory scam.

The victim contacted a Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Deputy, who helped her as she tried to stop payment on the MoneyPak cards. The victim called Albertsons and learned they could not stop payment on the cards.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office warns that there are a lot of people who do not know about these kind of persistent and threatening scams and urges people to spread the word to their community.

Law enforcement will NEVER call and threaten you with arrest and demand you pay fines over the phone with prepaid credit cards or demand you provide personal banking information.