Power outages still widespread following wind storm

SPOKANE, Wash. — Clean up in the wake of Wednesday’s windstorm is still underway, especially in large parts of the South Hill. A lot of people will spend at least one more night in the dark, maybe more.

We are still looking at a lot of outages throughout our region — it’s been more than 32 hours since the worst of the powerful winds. Inland Power is reporting nearly 2,000 outages in Spokane County as of Friday morning.

Avista still has more than 1,100 outages and 28,000 customers impacted.

We spoke to some of the people who still have their power out, and needless to say, it has been a cold 24 hours for them. For Nancy Curtin it is now day two without power in her home

“It came off yesterday early morning, and we were notified that my son didn’t have school that day. I couldn’t log into work, trees were coming down,” Curtin described.

Aside from having to constantly go to the car to charge her phone for work, the temperatures have been a major issue.

“In short: cold, my son and I are all bundled up together and it was a restless night, and even tonight’s going to be worse — it’s going to be more cold,” said Curtin.

Others in the area had the power go out first and then had trees come crashing down, making matters worse.

“We heard a large crash and went outside, and huge trees from two houses over came down, went through the neighbors yard,” said Matthew Atkinson. “Split the hair between his garage and his house and came part way into our yard knocking down the power lines.”

Avista hasn’t been able to give a specific time for when power will be back on in homes. An email to customers said Spokane power may not be restored until Sunday.

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“Just pulled out a lantern, lit some candles, fortunately we have a gas insert, so we were able to use those,” said Atkinson.

“We have most of our food that’s spoiling outside in a cooler, so hopefully we’ll keep some, but I haven’t heard if it’s coming on when it’s coming on.” added Curtin.

We also spoke to others who were out cleaning and getting as much cleanup done as possible in the daytime before the sun went down and the temperatures dropped. Another man said he was considering getting a hotel until his power came back just to stay warm.