Power outage from windstorm forces Northwest Spokane restaurant to close

Outlaw BBQ remains in the dark due to power outage

SPOKANE, Wash. — Power outages are not only impacting your neighbors, but restaurants, as well. Outlaw BBQ in Northwest Spokane is pitch black.

The restaurant lost power due to Wednesday’s windstorm. Since then, the owner has kept the doors locked.

“It’s pretty brutal to lose a weekend as well being in the industry,” said Misty Straley, owner of Outlaw BBQ. “We’re kind of worried about our staff members. A lot of people lost a week’s worth of work.”

Thankfully, Straley said they moved food to some refrigerated trailers used for catering. However, they couldn’t save it all.

“I would just say things sitting just a little bit to long, up in about the several thousand dollar range at this point,” she explained.

She said people have been messaging her and calling, asking if they’re open. Avista said her power would be back on by Sunday night. However, her Avista app now states that won’t happen until Monday at 10 p.m.

“We will certainly be able to bounce back for this,” Straley said. “It’s just a tough time of the year and you know, operating with the COVID restrictions, it’s tough.”

Avista crews were seen working on a power pole on Sunday night near her restaurant.

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