Potholes, snow removal efforts keeping city hotline busy

Potholes, snow removal efforts keeping city hotline busy

Since the start of the snow season, they city has asked you to call in problem spots to 755-CITY.

KXLY wanted to know: what happens next? How will complaints be addressed?

755-CITY is, first and foremost, a customer service hotline.

“We’re kind of the first point of contact for customers so they can call us at that number and we either take the information and get it processed to the right department like we’ve been doing with streets for snow calls and potholes, ” said MySpokane Customer Service director Carly Cortright.

They also field concerns about utilities billing, parks registration, and are available to assist anyone who has any question about the city.

It’s a broad jurisdiction, for a small team.

“We have six people on phones, and we have another three people at the counter to address people coming in with questions or to pay their utility bill,” Cortright said.

This is the only second year the line has responded to snow issues. It’s keeping them busy.

“Our typical call load is about 2,000 calls a week. The week of January 9, we received 4,500,” Cortright said.

Cortright said this week is calmer, but potholes are now the bulk of the problem.

“We’ve received 155 pothole complaints just since [Monday] morning,” she said.

Because they field so many calls, they ask callers to be specific.

“Where is the pothole specifically? So close to an intersection and if we can get a corner of the intersection, that’s great. If it’s in the middle of the road, which direction and which lane of traffic- so as narrow as possible,” Cortright said.

The bigger the pothole, the more immediate the reaction.

“The next thing we ask is how big and deep is the pothole? Is it little, or is it the proverbial “Did it try to eat your car,” Cortright said.

The complaint will then be directed to the appropriate department to be addressed.

The city says they’re working as fast as they can, and ask callers to be patient.

Like many of you- they’re ready for Spring.