Pothole repair products in the works

Pothole repair products in the works

The city of Spokane is trying out some new ways to fill the worst potholes they’ve seen in years.

The city has filled 1,291 potholes since the start of 2017.

The city is testing several pothole patch products in the hopes of finding the most effective one out there.

Every winter, freezing and thawing leads to a bumpy ride on Freya. That’s where the city tested out a new product on Thursday.

“Especially right there, at the light there… it’s just, it’s a hole. It’s not even a little dip,” said truck driver Matthew Davis.”

But this year, the potholes are on a whole new level.

“It’s probably actually the worst I’ve seen,” said Davis.

While is why the city is looking for new solutions.

Currently they use cold-mix asphalt to fill the holes but they want to find a product that will give a more permanent fix for some of the main roads.

“This process uses a mastic binder with aggregate in it,” said Royal Ingebretsen, Vice President of Special Asphalt Products.

On Thursday, crews tested that new pothole plugging product. It’s one of three new methods they are trying.

“The material is called bridge bond. It’s actually used in bridge construction,” said Ingebretsen.

Which means it’s strong and it lasts.

Unlike concrete, one of the other methods the city is trying, the bridge bond is recyclable. In some cases, the product will even outlast the existing asphalt.

“It goes down as a hot mix material. We’re putting it down at about 360 degrees. We have to get rid of the heat,” said Ingebretsen.

The process doesn’t tie up the road for too long, depending on the repair.

“If it’s relatively thin, we should be able to put traffic back on that within the half hour or so,” said Igebretsen.

While the rough roads can be frustrating, drivers know the city is working on it.

“I think they do a pretty good job as far as trying to keep up on it,” said Davis.

But, maybe one of these new products will speed things along.

The city tried a concrete product last week a bit further down Freya and they have one more product to try before they decide which one will be the most effective for the city.