Postcards from Pop: Whitworth University student gets postcard everyday she’s away at school

Postcards from Pop: Whitworth University student gets postcard everyday she’s away at school
Whitworth University
Photo Credit: Whitworth University

Imagine the feeling you get when you find a hand written note from a family member tucked into your mailbox. Now imagine that feeling everyday. Bryn Cavin, a sophomore at Whitworth University does, and says it never gets old.

Her pop sends her a postcard every day she’s away at school, and he’s been doing it since she first left.

“It makes my day, every time I get one,” said Cavin. “It makes my heart happy.”

The tradition first began when Bryn’s parents drove her down to Southern California to help her move in for her first day of school. On their drive back to their home near Aberdeen, they sent a postcard from every stop they made, and every day after.

Ultimately that school didn’t work out, and a few weeks into the year, she transferred to Whitworth University. The postcards didn’t stop coming though and now a year and a half later, they still haven’t.

“This is from September, he wrote, ‘Dearest Bryn, I just finished my first class for the night program, these 14 hour days are going to be the end of me'” she said.

Digging through the stack of postcards she says most of them are about everyday stuff.

“Weather is cloudy today with a chance of thunder showers, Burky and Poppy (the dogs) are crazier then usual so there must be something going on in the atmosphere,” she read.

One she says told her that the family had gone out to a crab feed. There’s frequent encouragement in the snail mail as well.

“It sounds like you are going to have a busy challenging semester, I know you will do great,” she read.
But the ones that frequently make her chuckle, are the ones her dad writes when he’s out fishing.

She says he goes all the time, but will never write where.

“He will brag about the big ones he’s caught, but he won’t say where since they aren’t in an envelope and he doesn’t want to give away his fishing locations,” she said.

Both Cavin’s are English majors and both went to Whitworth. The value of a handwritten note is something that isn’t lost on them.

“Its like a hug across the state,” she said.

Of course KXLY had to ask if Mr. Cavin would be keeping up the tradition through all four years of school, his response was yes.

“Bryn and her sister are my greatest accomplishments and they make me proud everyday,” he said.