Post Falls Police Investigating Increase In Sexting Cases

Post Falls Police are investigating several reports of teens texting naked images of themselves to friends.

The days of note passing at school are over as teens are using cell phones to swap messages with each other. Officials in Post Falls are concerned about teens swapping more than just text messages as they?re facing a rising number of sexting incidents they?re having to investigate.

?Once that photo is out there you really don’t know who has it,? Post Falls Police School Resource Officer Neil Uhrig said. ?We’re seeing a lot of students take nude photos of themselves and sending them to their friends.”

A quick click is all is takes and teens can instantly send nude images or videos of themselves to friends. It’s an ongoing problem that’s recently been becoming a concern at Post Falls High School.

?Most of the time they’re just doing it because they want to show their boyfriend or girlfriend these photos, but really if it gets out of hand it becomes a dangerous thing,? Uhrig said.

Right now, three sexting cases are on Uhrig?s desk. In one, compromising pictures from a local student showed up in Montana. A few years back, images made their way to Ohio. ?It is a pretty serious crime,? Uhrig said.

Sexting violators can face criminal charges including possession of child pornography or manufacturing pornography. In some national sexting cases, teen violators have actually had their names added to sex offender databases.

Knowing that teens are willingly sending private snapshots of themselves to others is alarming to parents in the community.

?It?s scary, we were kind of talking about it, my kids are little, but I have grown kids too, and cell phones were not what they are today, back then,? parent Sally Hart said.

“I think they ought to get the phones out of the schools and have more control,? parent Dave Posey said.

Police are counting on watchful eyes at both school and home to keep both teens ? and their images ? out of harm?s way.