Post Falls officers treat mock gunshot victims

Post Falls officers treat mock gunshot victims

Officers with the Post Falls Police Department had the unique opportunity to practice treating gunshot wounds Monday with mock patients.

The course, offered by Combat First Aid, teaches officers how to find gunshot wounds under thick layers of clothing, and stop the bleeding using tourniquets and specialized gauze among other things.

“Over 20 percent of trauma victims in the U.S. could be saved had bleeding control been started,” said Jennifer Foreman, a paramedic who travels the country training local police departments and schools. “That’s a huge gap. That’s a lot of lives we could save.”

After Post Falls officers sat through the course, they practiced their life-saving skills in a variety of mock scenarios. Actors played gunshot victims, and officers worked in pairs to diagnose and treat each wound.

“We’ve got a number of new officers who haven’t been through the course, so a lot of this is all brand new for them but it’s crucial information for all of us to have,” said Post Falls Sgt. Justin Anderson.

Foreman has trained more than 3,500 officers. She also visits schools and offices and churches.

“We’ve had over 25 saves from officers that have taken our class and rendered care in the field,” Foreman said.

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