Post Falls home to Idaho’s first organic, vegan chocolate line

Post Falls home to Idaho’s first organic, vegan chocolate line
Dark chocolate

Idaho has something new to offer chocolate lovers today.

Wild and Alive just released the state’s first certified organic, raw and vegan line of chocolate bars. The chocolates are handmade in small batches in Post Falls and are certified organic.

What distinguishes Wild and Alive‘s bars further are their raw status, meaning that the cacao is unroasted and other ingredients have not been heated beyond 118 degrees Farenheit, and are thus are said to retain more nutritional value.

They’re also gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, paleo-friendly and contain no GMOs, no additives and no refined sugar.

Moreover, the nuts in the chocolates’ fillings are never roasted or baked. ‘We use soaked and low-temperature dehydrated nuts.

In nature, nuts that fall off the tree in autumn begin to germinate and grow when exposed to the moisture and warmth of spring.

Soaking mimics this process which disables tannins and toxins inside the nut that were keeping it from premature sprouting.

This leaves a lighter, easier-to-digest nut with enhanced nutrient availability’, explains Judith Whiting, co-owner of Wild and Alive.

She and her husband began their chocolate adventure after years of working in the health food industry in Europe, New Zealand and the US.

Wild and Alive bars are available at select health food stores, gourmet stores, juice bars, restaurants, stores featuring Idaho made products and the company’s online shop.