Post Falls bridal shop owner facing forgery, theft charges

Post Falls bridal shop owner facing forgery, theft charges

Ask any bride: Planning a wedding is tough enough without having to worry about being ripped off while picking out your gown.

But that’s what allegedly happened to many brides who found their dress at a Post Falls bridal shop.

Dozens of women who shopped at Cameo Bridal say they were either double-charged or never received their gown.

The store’s owner is facing felony forgery and grand theft charges- but that case is unrelated to these latest claims.

“Trying on the dresses was amazing. Me and my fiances song came on, I was in the dress, I cried – I said yes,” said bride and customer Keisha McEnaney

McEnaney bought the dress on the spot, paying $600, for half of it, up front.

“Since then it’s felt lots just been full of lies and run arounds,” said McEnaney’s fiance David Hopman.

Hopman says cameo’s owner, Misty Ceriello, told the couple the dress was being ordered from Spain.

“And then when it came into customs, I was supposed to pay the other half of the dress. So they called me in october to tell me it was in customs so I paid the $700,” McEnaney said.

But that was the last they heard about the dress. Calls to Cameo went unanswered.

“We went and called casablanca who makes my dress. They’re located in california. There [was] no reason for my dress to go through Customs,” McEnaney said.

Casblanca has the dress. It’s sitting in their warehouse, but it’s still waiting for Cameo Bridal to pay for it.

The $1,300 McEnaney paid Ceriello? Gone.

And she’s not the only bride something like this has happened to.

KXLY attempeted to contact Ceriello today, but was unsuccesful.

Cameo Bridal shop is now closed.