Post Falls boy raises $3,000 at lemonade stand for service dog

Post Falls boy raises $3,000 at lemonade stand for service dog

Camdyn Thompson just wants to be an ordinary seven-year-old, so he’s run a lemonade stand for the last few summers, but it’s been for an extraordinary reason.

“His life’s in danger, like, at every moment,” said Camdyn’s mom Terina. “Our world changed, so now we watch his numbers consistently, all day long, to make sure he’s in range.”

Camdyn was diagnosed with type one diabetes on Thanksgiving Day three years ago and Terina can only do so much. She’s a self-proclaimed “helicopter parent,” always tracking Camdyn’s blood glucose levels, even setting alarms every two hours at night to check on him.

So Camdyn is saving up for a medical alert dog to help with that. The dog he’s hoping for has been trained in Kansas for the last two years and will be able to go to school with him and watch him as he sleeps so it can alert anyone if his levels are low.

But there’s a catch: the dog and all the promise it brings with it is expensive. Terina tells KXLY the medical alert dog they’re hoping for costs at least $10,000.

“At first, we thought, well, we kind of want him to work for it, and it’s kind of hard to just ask for money,” she said.

So Camdyn’s lemonade stand was born. And on Saturday, his customers delivered.

“We had one gentleman come and buy a lemonade and handed Camdyn, what looked like a hundred dollar bill folded over, and Camdyn took it from him and opened it and there was five,” she remembers. “So it was $500 for his lemonade.”

That was just a portion of the $3,000 he raked in, meaning he’s raised $8,000 in two years.

“Amazingly enough, people shared it everywhere and we had a huge gigantic turnout. We had lines backed up for lemonade,” Terina said. “We are so humbled at the generosity of our community and how loving people are and I just didn’t expect how big of a response that we got.”

Camdyn is closing in on his own medical alert dog, as long as the non-profit in Kansas pulls through. Otherwise, Terina said they may have to raise $20,000 to get a dog from another group elsewhere.

If you weren’t able to make it to Camdyn’s stand on Saturday, you can still donate to Terina’s PayPal at

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