Police tase man armed with knives in northwest Spokane

Police tase man armed with knives in northwest Spokane
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A Spokane man armed with large knives was tased near Winston and Driscoll. 

Spokane Police tased a man they said was threatening drivers near N. Driscoll Blvd and W. Winston Dr. Tuesday afternoon.

Police were called to the area for reports of a domestic violence incident involving the man, Reishawn M. Baker, and his girlfriend’s father who made the call. Reishawn left the home, armed with large knives, and was locked out.

Reishawn then went to the intersection at Driscoll and Winston and started waiving his knives at cars passing by. A truck slowed down for him, and he scraped its hood with the knives.

This guy had knives in both hands, threatening drivers near Winston & Driscoll. SPD used non-lethal force $ detained him. #4NewsNow pic.twitter.com/4Fub8eQv3z

— Kyle Simchuk (@KyleKXLY) November 12, 2019

According to Police, he was non-compliant when officers arrived, and threatened that law enforcement would have to shoot him to get him into custody, and said he wanted them to shoot him.

Instead, they tased him and took him successfully into custody.