Police search for person who sexually assaulted EWU student

Police search for person who sexually assaulted EWU student

Police are searching for the person who sexually assaulted an Eastern Washington University student.

The assault on the female student occurred sometime early Sunday morning between the hours of 2:30 and 3:50 a.m. Police say it was on or near the EWU campus.

Police believe the assault may have happened at Morrison Hall, but haven’t been able to confirm that information. Students who live inside that dorm are surprised to hear about that news.

“Here in the building, everyone on my floor at least is super nice and safe and the CA’s are really active walking around, so I’ve overall felt really safe being here so far,” said Kyleen Gum, who lives in Morrison Hall.

Students say the assault is a scary situation, but not something that will keep them from feeling safe on campus.

“That happens at campuses all over the United States, so we all got the interview of it, so it’s on all our minds, but I’m not like scared,” said Ellery Roberts, an EWU student.

Monday, Police were trying to locate a person of interest, but have since ruled that person out as a suspect.

Students woke up Monday morning to an email alerting them to the assault. It also reminded students of the services available to survivors of sexual assault on campus, including counselors.

“We also have, through our student affairs department, we have various support and advocacy programs, so students can get the support they need and any help they may be after here on campus,” said Dave Meany, a spokesman for EWU.

Those services provided include things like help with academics and housing, help with filing a police report and financial aid assistance.

EWU says it is committed to educating its students about how to stay safe on and off campus, as well as how to recognize if someone may be in distress and in need of your help.

“We feel like the more information that is out there for our students, the better and the safer they will be,” Meany said.

Police are still investigating Sunday morning’s assault and are trying to talk to anyone who may have information. If you think you know something about the assault, or think you may have seen something at that time, call EWU police at 509-359-7676.