Domestic violence suspect arrested after 9-hour standoff with police

SPOKANE, Wash. — After a standoff with police that lasted nine hours in the Perry District on Monday, a domestic violence suspect armed with a machete was arrested.

At around 5 p.m. on Monday, Spokane Police received a 911 call from a home Arthur and Fifth where yelling could be heard in the background, but no one would speak to the operator before the line was disconnected. They tried calling back the number, but didn’t get a response.

Spokane Police arrived at the scene to find Richard Howard, 41, who quickly retreated into the house and would not come out. The suspect was not allowed to be at the house because of a court order.

Once police got other people out of the house, including the woman the court order protected and a child, police began to communicate with Howard to surrender. They said he armed himself with a machete and he reportedly had access to a shotgun.

However, police said he refused to come out and taunted police to use lethal force on him. After seven hours, they used chemicals munitions to try to get him out of the house, but they said it had no effect.

An hour afterwards, police said Howard came out of the house, but would not leave the porch and told them to shoot him. However, after negotiating with him, he peacefully surrendered and was taken into custody.

Police said Howard is a 12-time convicted felon with priors that include failing to register as a sex offender, unlawful imprisonment and residential burglary.

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