Police respond to claims of women being drugged at The Globe

People are claiming women are getting drugged at one of Spokane’s most popular bars, with one person even posting a sign right next to the bar downtown.

“It’s been an ongoing problem in recent years,” said Gene Gallagher, who posted the sign.

Gallagher has lived in Spokane since 2005. He’s already well aware of the dangers associated with drinking downtown, such as the possibility of having his drink spiked.

“It just hit a little close to home,” said Gallagher.

While it may not have happened to him, he said he felt the need to speak up.

“I had a friend who came out, and she said that she was drugged and had an uncomfortable situation,” said Gallagher.

That’s why he decided to post the sign downtown. While it may have been removed, Owner of The Globe Bar and Grill Scott Wilburn said the message has been heard loud and clear.

“The reaction was very much of concern. To me, it was like, is this a problem? Is this a big problem?,” said Wilburn.

While it’s a problem that certainly exists, officers with the Spokane Police Department said they haven’t had any recent spikes in reports.

“No one has filed a police report, but we know that it has happened. We know that it probably happens and at times goes unreported,” said Terry Preuninger, Sergeant with the Spokane Police Department.

Because many of these situations go under the radar, Wilburn said it’s up to the local bars to do their part in keeping everyone safe.

“Our first thing that we’re going to do is offer any patron who feels like their drink may have been tampered with a replacement drink at no cost,” said Wilburn.

They’ll also be offering cup lids to any customer that requests them, as well as putting up posters to educate customers on how to keep their drink safe.

Wilburn said he’ll be meeting with other bar owners on Thursday to discuss additional ways they can keep their customers safe.