Police: One person dead, another injured in Browne’s Addition shooting

Spokane Police responded to reports from a woman who said she was shot at a home in Browne’s Addition Wednesday afternoon.

When police got to the house, near 1st Ave and Elm St, they found a woman inside who they said appeared to be shot. In another room, a second person was found dead from what appeared to be a gunshot.

The woman was treated and taken to the hospital.

The Major Crimes Unit is investigating, but police say they have reason to believe the person who was found dead took their own life and injured the woman in the process. That woman was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Sgt. Terry Preuninger told 4 News Now there could be a few possible causes behind the woman’s injuries.

“A person could be struck with a bullet, the bullet could leave that person, move into another person,” Sgt. Preuninger said. “A person can fire more rounds than we had originally determined they fired, a bullet can strike another object and cause fragmentation from that object. That fragmentation can hit a body, make it look like there is some other form of a gun shot wound.”

Spokane firefighters also responded to the scene.