Police identify deputy involved in fatal shooting

Spokane Police have identified the deputy who was involved in the fatal shooting of a Spokane Valley man on August 25.

Deputy Brian Hirzel was investigating a prowl check near the 14100 block of East 4th Avenue in Spokane Valley on the evening of August 25. He had parked his vehicle in the parking lot at the Plant Farm where, just after 11 p.m. there was a confrontation between Deputy Hirzel and Plant Farm business owner Scott Creach.

Evidence at the scene indicates both men were close and facing each other, close enough for Creach to see Hirzel?s uniform and patrol car. Scott Creach’s wife has told investigators that her husband left their home and went out into his nursery’s parking lot to investigate a car parked there.

There were signs and sounds of a scuffle and at some point during the confrontation Hirzel fired his sidearm, striking Creach once. Creach succumbed to his injuries from that gunshot wound. Detectives found a handgun on the ground near Creach.

Investigators are looking into the possibility that Creach, who suffered from diabetes, may have been experiencing a medical problem that left him disoriented at the time of the shooting.

Meanwhile Hirzel has told detectives he is ready to explain what happened and that series of interviews that can include a polygraph test now scheduled to begin on Thursday. Hirzel?s statements will then be compared to the physical evidence collected as the scene and during Creach’s autopsy and the case forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for review.

Deputy Hirzel is a two-year veteran of the Spokane County Sheriff?s Office and is currently serving as an officer with the Spokane Valley Police Department.

Prior to serving with the sheriff?s office Hirzel was a deputy with the Kootenai County Sheriff?s Office and spent 13 years as a police officer in Cathedral City, California.