Police believe Spokane man caused mother’s overdose, death

Police believe Spokane man caused mother’s overdose, death

A 64-year-old woman was found dead at her downtown Spokane apartment on June 12 and police believe her son may be responsible.

Sharon Simpson-White lived in the Park Tower Apartments on Spokane Falls Boulevard and her son would sometimes stay with her.

In a search warrant filed Monday, police describe what led up to Simpson-White’s death. Police believe she died from a lethal dose of heroin given to her by her son.

The search warrant includes information into what police observed when they arrived on scene and through interviews with Simpson-White’s family members.

Family members said the suspect struggled with his mental health and addiction. Some told police he called them the night of the incident saying “my mom’s dead” and “looks like mom just took her last breath.”

Medics arrived at Simpson-White’s home around midnight after the suspect called 911. They found her on the floor and attempted to give her CPR. The suspect was there and became agitated, telling medics to leave her alone and that this was what his mother wanted. The search warrant states the suspect then tore through a window screen because he was so angry.

Another one of Simpson-White’s sons, Joel Taitch, went to the apartment after receiving the alarming phone call. He is the suspect in an unrelated murder case and is accused of second-degree murder in the death of a teenager last October. Taitch told police the suspect ran from the scene.

Simpson-White’s family members told police their mother had recently been in the hospital due to health issues. According to court documents, Simpson-White was unable to live independently because of her poor health; she had recently been burned from a floor heater after falling and was unable to get up for several hours. Family members said Simpson-White said she wanted to die because of her pain.

Family members said Simpson-White was having a hard time with the suspect and it was odd that he was at the apartment at the time of the incident.

Simpson-White’s boyfriend told police the suspect had come at him with butcher knife a few days earlier. According to court documents, he was struck over the head and does not remember anything until he woke up at Sacred Heart Hospital. He ultimately spent three days at the hospital with abrasions on the top of his head, his left arm and left knee.

Officers who responded to the scene described finding the words “DIE” and “KILL” carved into a wall in the apartment. Simpson-White’s boyfriend said the suspect had used the butcher knife to make the carvings.

Simpson-White’s boyfriend told police he saw the suspect give her a dose of what he believed to be heroin from a loaded syringe, saying it would help relieve her pain.

According to court documents, this was not the first time Simpson-White had used heroin, but it was not a common thing for her to do. Her boyfriend said the suspect had given her the drug at her request and believed he was responsible for causing her to overdose.

The man police believe responsible has not been arrested or officially charged in the case.

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