Police arrest man for trying to grab child out of mother’s arms

Police arrest man for trying to grab child out of mother’s arms

Spokane Police arrested a man who allegedly tried to steal a two-year-old girl out of her mother’s arms in a downtown shopping mall.

Ronald Franklin Edwards Junior was booked on an unlawful imprisonment charge for grabbing the girl inside River Park Square Tuesday.

River Park Square wants its customers to be safe when they are eating or shopping here so the place is loaded with surveillance cameras. Some of their security guards also have limited commissions which means they were legally able to detain Edwards until Spokane Police arrived.

While most of us were getting ready to see some fireworks, police said Ronald Edwards was loitering around the ladies bathroom on the first floor of the mall.

“It sounds like a lady was coming out of the restroom, holding her young child, and this guy came up and made some inappropriate comments and then just tried to grab the child from her arms,” said Officer John O’Brien, Spokane Police Department.

Prior to that, Edwards allegedly had used his tongue to make inappropriate gestures to a different female.

More than one witness to the unwelcome behavior tracked down mall security.

“It sounds like he wrapped his arm around the child’s body to pull her away from the mother…even though he made some comment about trying to keep her from going into traffic, that doesn’t seem to be the case,” said O’Brien.

The mall’s first floor restrooms are a long way from vehicular traffic so officers rejected Edward’s explanation for grabbing the child.