Police arrest domestic violence suspect in North Spokane standoff

SPOKANE, Wash. — Spokane Police and SWAT Team members arrested a domestic violence suspect late Friday night who they found armed and using drugs in the Five Mile Shopping Center parking lot. 

Police first responded to a domestic violence call near the intersection of West Bismark and North Fleming St. By the time they got there, the man had gone. Officer spoke with the victim and her mother and found probably cause to arrest 37-year-old Andrew Perry for allegedly making death threats. 

Officers also learned Perry had been involved in a domestic violence incident a year before, when he threatened to “commit suicide by cop” if police were called. 

Officers were able to find Perry in the parking lot based off a live video he was posting to social media. 

Once there, police found Perry in his car. When they tried to speak with him, police say he at first acted confused as to why they were there. Then he took a drag from a glass pipe of what officers later learned was methamphetamine, and raised a pistol to his head. 

Officers blocked Perry’s car with patrol cars to keep him from leaving, and called in SWAT Team members, as well as hostage negotiators and a K9 unit. 

Officers convinced Perry to peacefully surrender shortly after 11 p.m. He was taken to the hospital, during which police say he fought the restraints and threatened to kill the officer he was with. Perry was arrested for two counts of domestic violence. 

According to police, Perry has an arrest history, including felony convictions for second-degree assault, felony phone harassment, second-degree arson, and a misdemeanor for violating an order.

There is help for victims of domestic violence. In an emergency, call 911. Additional resources can be found below.

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