‘I wasn’t really thinking’: 14-year-old girl jumps into bed of moving truck, stops attempted theft

SPOKANE, Wash. — Police said a 14-year-old girl stopped a man trying to steal her dad’s car by jumping into the bed of the truck.

“I was just waking up and I wasn’t really thinking,” said Lluvia Garcia.

It happened at 7 in the morning, a time on Sunday when people are normally sleeping.

“My grandma knocked on my door saying that there was a robber, that someone was trying to steal a car,” Lluvia told 4 News Now.

It wasn’t just anyone’s car; It was her father’s truck.

“Me, not knowing any better, I’m just waking up, I decided to chase after him and jump into the back of the truck,” she said.

This happened at the apartment complex near E. 30th and S. Regal St. Her dad was not present at the time of the attempted theft.

She did all this barefoot, screaming at the thief in the back of the moving truck.

“Mad, I was mad,” she said. “Just because the way he said that someone sold him the truck and I yelled at him to show me proof.”

She knew that wasn’t the case. The suspect stopped driving and immediately ran away from the scene as she hopped off the car, too.

While this was happening, the girl’s brother snapped a picture of the suspect.

14-year-old stops car theft

Anyone with information, or who can identify the person pictured above, is asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.

Spokane Police do recommend calling them if someone witnesses a property crime, because you never know what someone is capable of.

“This young lady did nothing wrong. We don’t recommend on a property crime go the actions she did. That person could’ve been hurt,” said Officer John O’Brien.

Luckily Lluvia wasn’t hurt, she just had a cut on her foot.

So, would she do it again?

“If it was for life or death, maybe,” she said.