Point-in-Time study sees decrease in homeless families since last year

Many may be used to seeing single homeless people around the area. Perhaps downtown or asking for money on a street corner. That’s simply because they’re more visible. What some may not realize, about one quarter of the homeless population in Spokane are families with children, according to Spokane’s 2019 Point-in-Time study.

1,309 people are without a home in spokane. That’s what the latest numbers in the city’s point-in-time study tell us. 75% are single adults, that’s 935 people. 23% are made up of families – 302 mothers, fathers, and children. That number, however, has dropped by 8% in the last year. Almost half of those families said they live in transitional housing.

Resources in Spokane, like Catholic Charities, are contributing to that positive change. It continues to help families with a place to live, while they figure out their next steps.

“We see a lot of single homelessness in the community. It’s very visible. But the family homelesssness isn’t as visible,” said Sharon Stadelman, managing director for Catholic Charities. “I think just the number of families that are seeking services – the need is so great, and we see that every day.”

Stadelman has been working with the homeless community for 19 years now. She knows there’s no such thing as a typical homeless person.

“Absolutely, every situation is unique and our goal is to help end that end that homelessness quickly in any way that we can,” Stadelman said.

Catholic Charities provides resources for families that are homeless and on the verge of becoming homeless.

“If it means we need to talk to a landlord, or they’re being evicted to try to help work through that situation. We’ll do that with them as well,” Stadelman said.

A resource available in Spokane, Rapid Rehousing. This program can help families and individuals in transitional housing lock down permanent housing. At times, getting credentials and paperwork to apply for a lease on a unit can take a fair amount of time. Rapid Rehousing can help gather the materials to apply for a space.

If you want to read the full report for the City of Spokane’s Point-in-Time study with all the results, you can find it HERE.

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