‘Please tell my daughter that I love her’: Local ICU nurse hopes to share woman’s final words with daughter

SPOKANE, Wash. — As a local woman was dying of COVID, she turned to her nurse and asked him to pass along one final message. 

“Please tell my daughter that I love her.” 

The woman and her daughter were both hospitalized with COVID at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in the fall of 2020. 

The woman’s health continued to decline while her daughter was still intubated. The daughter eventually recovered and was transferred out of the ICU, but her mother never woke up. 

Jeremy Mullavey was the nurse who received that final message. He was not able to pass it along and it has been weighing on his heart. 

“I wasn’t at work when the daughter was extubated and coherent, otherwise I would have passed this along myself,” Mullavey said in an email to 4 News Now. “Please let the daughter know that her mother’s last words were that she loved her.”  

Mullavey cannot remember either patient’s name and wanted to protect their information, but he did say they were treated in rooms close to one another. 

“If she isn’t watching then I hope a friend or family member will watch and pass this message along to her,” Mullavey said. “I hope this will bring some peace to the daughter and some semblance of closure.” 

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