PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds leaves early access

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds leaves early access

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds officially leaves Steam early access with it’s full 1.0 release on Windows PC Wednesday. PUBG has had an amazing early access journey over the past nine months with over 25 million copies sold to date.

According to an official tweet early Wednesday morning, the PUBG servers are going offline at 6 p.m. Wednesday to install the update and is expected to take 5 hours with the official launch time for 1.0 slated for 11 p.m.

The update is expected to include full 3D kill-cam replays, vaulting and climbing mechanics, and the new Miramar desert map. These features have been rigorously tested by millions of players over the past several weeks on the PUBG test servers.

Although the game is leaving early access, developers say this is not the end all be all for the game as they have many more ideas and tricks up their sleeves. According to an interview with Engadget, CEO of PUBG Corp. Chang-han Kim said, “when we first started this project and thought of the Early Access model, we never took it as a model where you start developing a game, you complete it, you ship it out and then be done with it.”

The clear advantage to early access titles is the game is able to develop and grow in the hands of gamers. Rather than a game taking 5 years of behind door development, the betas and alphas are in the hands of the players and are along for the journey; their input directly affects the way the game is shaped.

Just last week the team penned a deal with Microsoft Xbox to bring the game to console, and while it has had a bumpy start they are frantically working on getting it up to speed. The hope is to eventually provide cross-platform play between the two. “Cross-network play between the PC and Xbox is something the entire team really wants, added Kim.

So far there has been no official dates for a Playstation 4 release because the team is focusing on getting the Xbox title up to speed first.

While version 1.0 is a massive milestone in PUBG’s journey, in a way it’s just another update that fixes glitches, re-balances combat and adds new gameplay elements. The overall challenge remains to keep the community happy. “As long as we have fans out there playing our game, it will never be complete,” Kim said.