Planned Parenthood responds to McMorris Rodgers’ comments

Planned Parenthood responds to McMorris Rodgers’ comments

During a town hall meeting Thursday night, Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers addressed a number of issues. Majority of the questions she fielded had to do with healthcare reform. During a response she made comments about defunding Planned Parenthood because of some of the services they provide.

Following the town hall, Planned Parenthood was quick to call some of the congresswoman’s comments misleading. The organizations Political and Organizing Director, Treasure Mackley, was quick to respond to the comments, with the below statement:

“Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers stood in front of constituents at a town hall meeting and continued to state inaccurate information and misleading talking points to further the destructive mission of Congressional Republican leadership to eliminate Planned Parenthood. When McMorris Rodgers talks about “defunding” Planned Parenthood, she really means blocking patients who depend on Medicaid funds from getting their care at Planned Parenthood health centers. In Washington, as the only representative in our state to vote for the unpopular and dangerous American Health Care Act that included “defunding” language, she needs to answer to the more than 98,000 people who rely on Planned Parenthood for preventive, lifesaving care

Rep. McMorris Rodgers knows full and well, federal funding does not pay for abortions and that community health centers can’t absorb Planned Parenthood patients. Planned Parenthood receives Medicaid reimbursements for preventive care, including birth control, life-saving cancer screenings, and HIV testing. These are the services that have led to historic lows in teen pregnancy and unintended pregnancies and are the very improvements in health care access that Rep. McMorris Rodgers claims to support.

It may be a game to extremist politicians like Rep. McMorris Rodgers, but to the 98,000 patients who rely on federal funding for Planned Parenthood services, it is not a game.”