PJALS holds vigil to remember Otto Zehm

Thursday marks a somber anniversary for many people in the city of Spokane as it was this day four years ago that Otto Zehm suffered critical injuries in a fight with Spokane Police.

Two days later he died from those injuries.

The Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane marked this anniversary with a vigil outside the Zip Trip where Zehm suffered those injuries. They held signs asking not only for accountability in the Spokane Police Department but also that people not forget Zehm.

?I hope to show that we haven’t forgotten, that we continue to fight for liberty and justice. It seems that in the recent past, the citizens have forgotten what that is,” vigil attendee Marshall Smith said.

Karl Thompson, the officer that hit Zehm in the Zip Trip that night was indicted for denying Zehm’s civil rights and making false statements to investigators. He?s currently awaiting trial.