Pitbull ‘raised from the dead’ looking for fur-ever home in N. Idaho

Pitbull ‘raised from the dead’ looking for fur-ever home in N. Idaho
Panhandle Animal Shelter
Lazaruff was found near dead, but a team of rescuers couldn't bear to leave him. Now, he's healthy and looking for a home. 

Lazaruff has not lived an easy life. The orange-colored adult Pitbull was found near dead last summer in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, weighing just 19 pounds. Lazaruff, named after the Biblical character who rose from the dead, was found covered in flies, hungry and dehydrated.

That is when the dog met a team of rescuers who did not give up on him. A veterinarian recommended putting Lazaruff down, but in a change of heart, opted to instead give him a chance and started an IV.

Lazaruff was rescued by Dr. Marty Becker and Teresa Becker. The Bonners Ferry locals were in Louisiana as part of a massive shelter project with American Humane. Dr. Becker, who is known for his books on pets and animal care, is a board member of the organization and is also the founder of Fear Free initiative, which helps pets and educates those who care for them.

“Teresa and I kneeled and spoke words of love and blessing to him. I sprayed a heart shape onto the palm of my hand with Easy Cheese Cheddar & Bacon and this precious boy came over to lick it off of my hand with his bone of a tail whipping back and forth with such vigor and that it literally lifted alternating back feet off of the ground,” said Marty. “I cried. Teresa cried. The room cried. I looked at the dog, and then looked at Teresa. She looked at the dog, and then looked at me. We nodded in agreement. We were going to do whatever it took to try and bring this dog back from eminent death. I think we gave him through tears, the first bath he’d ever had, and his name: Lazaruff.”

Eight months later, Lazaruff is a happy, healthy, 69-pound ball of love.

Over the weekend, Lazaruff made a nation-wide trek with the Beckers; they are bringing him to Idaho so he can start a new journey to find a home. The Beckers would love to care for the dog, but their house is already full of animals and experts believe Lazaruff would do best in a home where is the only pet.

With the help of Panhandle Animal Shelter, Lazaruff will be in the good hands of a foster family until he finds his forever home.

If you are interested in adopting this sweet pup, find more information here.

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