Pinecroft Mobile Park without clean water for four months

It’s been four months since people living in the Pinecroft Mobile Park have seen clean tap water.

Management provides a crate of bottled water for residents to use.

They also said the issue is with their water coming from a well, and not the city.

Management said the Department of Health wants them to switch their water system, but they said that it’s way too costly.

In the meantime, it has left many frustrated as they’ve fed and washed their kids and pets for months with bottled water.

Some have considered selling their trailer and heading out, but they’re kind of stuck.

“Nobody wants to live here,” Pinecroft resident Samantha Gamboa said. “If we have homes for sale we have to look at the people in our trailer park to sell them to, because nobody wants to come in here.”

The City of Spokane Valley said unlike other towns, they don’t have a water district.

Pinecroft management said it’s all up to the Department of Health now to clear the water advisory.
They expect an update next week.