Pilot who collects antique planes to open flight museum at Felts Field

Two fully-restored DC-3 aircraft circled around Spokane on Thursday to celebrate a new flight museum will soon open at Felts Field.

A pilot himself, John Sessions is the founder of the Historic Flight Foundation.

Sessions says he can fly just about anything, but he’s especially fond of planes built between the late 20s and 50s. So in 2003, he started collecting them.

“I had some good luck in business and in 2003 we formed the foundation, continued to restore and collect the period airplanes,” said Sessions.

The period Sessions refers to spans 30 years from 1927 to 1957. A time in history he says truly shaped aviation.

His main hangar is at Paine Field, north of Seattle. He’s collected and restored so many planes, he ran out of room. Now, he’s built a second home at Felts Field.

“It’s an addiction to bring people in and inspire them and to teach them about the period,” said Sessions.

The museum opens December 17, and the first two weeks will be free.

Sessions says he’s had some dramatic moments in the sky- a few engine failures and even a fire. In 2018, he was flying a bi-plane at an airshow and crashed after takeoff. He lost one of his feet, but still flies today with a prosthesis.