PHOTOS: What not to donate to the Goodwill

Goodwill trash
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Earlier this week, a Goodwill store in New England asked customers to stop donating their trash.

Some of the non-profit thrift stores have been flooded with items as people have been clearing out their possessions while homebound during the pandemic. The issue is that many of those items really should go in the garbage.

4 News Now reached out to our local Goodwill and, it turns out, they are getting some of those items, as well. Here’s a look at what was donated in Spokane that should really have ended up at the dump.

Some of the items included old food, expired makeup and broken tree ornaments. When these broken and defective items get donated, it adds to the costs Goodwill has to pay to dispose of them properly.

According to an article from the Associated Press, the spikes in trash expenses can sometimes divert money away from other services the agencies could spen in their communities, like workforce development programs.

That said, Goodwill does not want you to stop donating. Donations help local programs that help people work, live, train and manage their finances.

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