Petrino’s balance family and football at Idaho

Football has always been a big part of the Petrino family, at Idaho the father/son duo of Paul and Mason Petrino have to balance the player/coach relationship with being a family.

Because of the busy schedule of being a college coach, the Petrino’s admit they’ve seen each other more in the three years Mason has played under Paul than they did in all the years prior. But that doesn’t mean all their new-found bonding time is full of sunshine and rainbows.

“Oh he treats me a lot harder (laughs) he treats me a lot harder but it’s different you know like I was past of a high school team where the coach and son were on the same team but he’s not playing for his Dad’s job security you know?” explains Mason.

“Yeah I’m harder on him, I think you have to be,” explains Paul. “I think if your son’s going to play for you he has to understand that, and so I’m harder on him when he makes mistakes and sometimes I’m harder on him when somebody else makes a mistake just because I feel like he can take it.”

When the team struggles, there is plenty of blame to go around, to the coach, and to the quarterback. Paul and Mason Petrino understand it’s just part of the job.

“The Petrinos are a very close-knit family. You know we’re all from Montana, it’s kind of in the culture, you have to rely on each other, just gotta love each other in tough times,” Mason says.

“I think sometimes through tough times you get closer, I think that’s kind of how the world works you know and your character shows up and you really understand who does have your back and who’s with you so I think we’ve definitely grown a lot closer,” adds Paul.

And they both say, there’s just nothing quite like a Vandal win around the Petrino house.

“When you win a game, and you get to spend time together as a family happy, you get to see my sister smile, my mom smile, my dog runs around like a rabid guy,” explains Mason. “And just not letting down the people that believe in you.”