People flock to Riverside State Park as restrictions lift in Wash.

SPOKANE, Wash. — The sun was shining, the Spokane River was raging and the birds were chirping away on Tuesday morning. People flocked to Riverside State Park as restrictions start to life in Washington state.

Cars started to pull in early with people ready to hit the trails.

“We’re really excited,” said Cindy Simpson, who came for a bike ride. “This is the first time my husband and I are getting the bicycles out.”

Cindy and her husband said they’ve been walking around their Deer Park property and riding when they can during the shutdown.

“There’s just so much to explore around here and it’s great that things are starting to open up,” Simpson. “You can certainly keep your distance at a park and enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful weather, the vitamin D.”

Others decided to hit the pavement on foot.

“Took a short walk across the bridge and just did our little loop and let them ride bikes,” said Corinne Nugen, who took her kids to the state park. “It’s good to get the kids out and let them explore and not have such a tight hold on them.”

Around the park were signs, reminding people to social distance and have trail etiquette.

Nugen said she was trying to find open trails for her kids during the shutdown. Now that the state park is back open, she said she’ll be back. Simpson said the same.

“It is good to be outside and outside your own four walls, and even at a distance to see people out walking, hiking, biking, you know, it’s good to see families doing things together,” Simpson explained. “It’s beautiful out and you can definitely keep distance and be outside and breathing the fresh air that God gave us.”

If you want to head to Riverside State Park, just make sure you have a Discover Pass, which you can buy in person or online.

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