Pediatricians push for in-class learning, school districts working on strategic plans

SPOKANE, Wash. — The nation’s top pediatricians said kids need to be back in class. This fall, or whenever it’s safe to do so.

They also have advice on how to keep your kids and their teachers safe.

READ: Nation’s top pediatricians call for in-person learning

One of the most important things, pediatricians said, is physical distancing, especially for high schools.  The American Association of Pediatrics said that can have the biggest impact on reducing the spread of the virus.

Aap Secondary Schools

Beyond that, experts said all students should wear face coverings, and desks should be at least three feet apart from each other. They also recommend limiting locker use and changing middle and high school schedules to block schedules.

Aap Elementary Schools

For elementary students, desks can be spaced and they should be put outside when possible. Experts also recommend limiting how many times students and teachers change classrooms.

Even with safety plans in place, the AAP said schools should be prepared to close again and switch to distance learning if there is a new wave of COVID-19. That’s what’s in the works right now at west valley school district, they’re prepping for in-person learning. But they have a backup plan, in case they have to quickly transition back to virtual school.

“Whatever scenario there is, we want to have a plan we can share with parents. So that everyone will know what will happen, and we don’t have any surprises. We’re just ready,” said Sue Shields, West Valley School District.

The school district already bought reusable face masks for every student in its district, so kids don’t have to go out and buy one.

Central Valley School District said it’s still in the planning process, but they said it’s aiming for in-person learning. It will have a final recommendation from the school board on at the end of July. You can read more about CVSD’s plans HERE.