Pearse hopes to lead Post Falls deep into the playoffs

The Post Falls Trojans are off to a great 3-1 start to their year, just the beginning of what quarterback Derek Pearse hopes is a very long football season.

The big, strong-armed quarterback has a lot of responsibility in the uptempo Trojan offense.

“We turn it over to him quite a bit,” head coach Blaine Bennett says. “You know we do some of the old rpo run pass-stuff and sometimes it’s pass-run, but he gets to make that decision and it allows us to play at the tempo we want to play with.”

“It’s all about making good decisions and knowing what defense they’re running and where they’re gonna be and just try to make the smartest decision,” Pearse added.

Making smart decisions is nothing new for Pearse who shines off the field with a 4.25 weighted GPA.

“I just always though academics are really important for life cause I know that’s gonna get me places in life.” Pearse states. “It’s not always gonna be about sports, so the academics always come first.”

His leadership goes far beyond just throwing the football at Post Falls according to his coaches.

“Oh it’s excellent for him to be walking the halls and everybody knows he’s the quarterback, but he’s also taking the calculus classes and the a-p classes and people are like wow, he’s got everything right now,” described Bennett.