Peach season ending as smoke interrupts the best picking

Peach season ending as smoke interrupts the best picking

At Eleven Acres Farm on Green Bluff, the ground underneath the peach trees is covered in fruit.

“On most of our orchard we probably had 65 percent loss,” said Owner Francis Hunt, “Its just unreal.”

For the soft spoken, but proud as punch of his farm, Hunt says the timing was just all off this year.

“We had a bumper crop of peaches, just not enough people to pick,” he said.

With a short window for peach picking, the worst of the smoke lined up right with the peak of the peach season.

For a farmer who’s worked the land on Green Bluff for more than two and a half decades, the loss is a hit to the wallet.

“Growing these took a lot of time and a lot of expense,” he said.

Of course he always looks on the positive side of things, and said all is not lost.

There is this last weekend for the peaches still on the trees, and the peaches that have fallen will be used for compost and will certainly make for a good crop next year.

Being diversified on his farm, he said the hit isn’t overly detrimental. He is eagerly anticipating a beautiful harvest coming up.

Currently, he is picking for nectarines and plums, blackberries and blueberries and plenty of other vegetables. He has fields full of pumpkin and winter squash coming up in the next few weeks as well.