Pavilion redesign unveiled, some still skeptical

Pavilion redesign unveiled, some still skeptical

An updated design for the pavilion in Riverfront Park includes LED lighting, green space and an elevated platform.

However, it’s what is not included in the design that has Spokane City Council President, Ben Stuckart asking questions.

In 2014, voters approved a $64 million bond to renovate Riverfront Park.

The master plan, used to market the bond, included specific language to cover the pavilion.

“So my concern is while this looks great, it only gets used three months out of the year,” said Ben Stuckart, City Council President.

“And we are looking at the ballot measure that we had people pass based on the master plan that called for a cover and based on the fact that the mayor and I raised the money for the campaign and wrote in an editorial in the paper that said you’ll get a cover on your pavilion,” said Stuckart.

The design team said they are working with structural and textile experts around the world to determine if a permanent cover is feasible.

The team said it believes the pavilion was never designed to have an permanent cover.

You can see the design for yourself and ask questions during a public comment meeting Tuesday night at 6 p.m. at Spokane City Hall.