Pastor Tim Remington plays piano one year after shooting

Pastor Tim Remington plays piano one year after shooting

He was shot six times outside of his church, he survived, and Sunday, Pastor Tim Remington’s congregation celebrated another step forward in his recovery.

On March 6, 2016, Remington left The Altar church only to meet Kyle Odom in the parking lot. Odom shot Remington six times. Odom was arrested two days later.

Remington has played the piano for more than 40 years, but the shooting damaged his hand and he lost feeling in his fingers. He told his congregation he’d play the piano on the anniversary of the shooting, and on Sunday he did just that.

Laughs, tears, and prayers were shared during Sunday’s service.

“Today was an amazing day for a lot of people,” John Padula, Outreach Pastor at The Altar, said.

Pastor Remington blessed the ears of his congregation, keeping his promise that he’d play the piano again.

“I have been practicing to try to play and it has been unsuccessful, pretty much. Mainly because I can’t feel anything underneath my hand,” Remington said. “One year later, I feel a little bit of the emotion of it because it was just such a setback. You don’t realize when something like this happens to you, the time that it’s going to take to get up.”

But he did get up. It’s been a year of recovery and hard work.

“These bullets traveled through my body at a degree that burned things, burned by colon, my prostate, different parts of my body. I still got over 30 pieces of shrapnel and three bullets in me,” Remington said.

To mark the one year anniversary of his survival, Remington showed his congregation just how far he’s come.

“Watching him play the piano when the doctor said it would be impossible, it just goes to show the power of God and His faithfulness in our lives,” Padula said.

Remington says he’s made it through thanks to good friends, great family, and his faith.

“God has brought me through it. I have no fear. I still go in the parking lot and not worry about somebody shooting me. I don’t even think about it,” he said.