‘Part of the community’: Spokane celebrates Family Reunification Month

SPOKANE, Wash — For most children in foster care, getting to reunite with their biological parents permanently is the best solution.

The process however, isn’t easy and comes with stigma attached, which is why Washington celebrates Family Reunification Month in June to celebrate those parents who went through the process of getting legal custody again.

“We’re not to be feared,” said Heather Cantamessa, director of family impact for the Children Home Society of Washington. “We’re actually really amazing people doing amazing things and we’re part of the community, so why wouldn’t we celebrate that?”

On Friday, for the first time since the pandemic, Spokane celebrated those families that reunited with their children, within the past year.

“I didn’t realize how much I would miss them, until I didn’t have them every day,” said Brittany Frisbie. Frisbie has been with her kids for about a year.

“I was battling depression,” she said. “Really, really bad depression. I couldn’t handle it and my oldest Luka was asking me when are you going to stop crying, and that’s when it really hit me I needed to get some help, so I did a voluntary placement.”

For the parents that have been successful, every night is worth celebrating.

“When we go home, we’re going to play with new toys, make some dinner and make some cookies,” Frisbie said.

For more information about Family Reunification Month, click HERE.