Parking rules enforced despite snow-stuck cars

Parking rules enforced despite snow-stuck cars

With all of the snow we’ve received this winter, a lot of cars around town are stuck right where they’re parked. Can the City of Spokane ticket you if they plow you in? That’s just what happened to one car owner.

Like any good Corvette owner, Steve Daley tucked his car in for the winter, waiting for the warmer weather and sunny skies to return.

“It just fishtails down the road, so it’s not safe to drive this car in the snow,” Daley said. “So I leave it here, parked in front of my house.”

Months of winter have come and gone. Plows have covered Daley’s Corvette in snow. Still, it’s sat in the same spot.

“They plowed me in, they should dig me out,” he said.

But the City of Spokane’s parking policy says vehicles can’t stay frozen in place all winter long. In fact, you can only park for a day year-round.

“You can’t just park downtown and stay for a large amount of time. You have to move your cars within 24 hours and that goes for any street within the city limits,” Julie Happy, City of Spokane, said.

It’s the same city code Daley was quoted when he found a ticket on the hood of his car a few days ago. The city dug a hole in the snow and left it for him.

“Then yesterday, I see a city vehicle parked out here in the middle of the street and he’s eyeballing my car,” Daley said.

Daley says he didn’t have time to free his car and move it to a legal spot before the city’s ticket agents came back around.

“So they put it on my side view mirror, my $300 side view mirror. There’s there rubber band they used to put the second ticket on,” he said.

Daley’s son’s truck was also stuck in the snow, and he got a ticket as well. KXLY4’s Casey Lund helped push the truck out so this family doesn’t face another fine.