Parking Fees Increase For Coeur d’Alene City Services

Parking Fees Increase For Coeur d’Alene City Services
Parking Fees Increase For Coeur d'Alene City Services

I recently noticed that the city of Coeur d’Alene has bumped up some of its fees and I guess it is my own fault for not knowing that it had happened. The reason they say they have raised some fees is to offset the cost of providing certain services. Namely parking and garbage.

The most commonly used city parking will stay the same – the first two free hours will continue to be free, and monthly parking passes won’t actually increase as the initial proposal had called for. (Here is a link to that proposal page: Parking Fee increases)

After that, the third hour at the Third Street parking lot will rise from $1 to $3, the fourth hour will go from $2 to $4, and up the line. The tenth hour will cost $10 with the fee change, double the current $5. Also, if you misplace your ticket it will cost you $18.00. It should be noted though this is the first increase since 2003.

The cost for garbage collection will increase too. (Maybe that is why I went from a large receptacle to the Mini one they dropped off for me the other day with my big blue recycle bin.)

Up will be the cost for the most common bins.

The 96 gallon bin will raise three quarters from $8.85 to $9.60. The 35 gallon bin will go up nearly a buck, from $6.75 a month to $7.70.

The rise in garbage costs doesn’t have anything to do with the city adding single stream recycling last year, but the contract among partnering agencies has an annual increase provision based on fuel and labor costs between 1.5 and 2.75 percent.

Back to parking costs, those would go up at the lot at Independence Point – starting with the first free hour, which will jump to a buck. The second hour will jump another buck and the third hour will double from $1.50 to $3.

For dog owners, licensing an unaltered dog will go from $15 to $20, altered from $7 to $10. Impounding the runaway will go from $20 to $30.

Other proposed increases: Gym rental fee would go from $12 to $25 an hour for AAU basketball; renting the City Park bandshell and amphitheater at Riverstone would jump $25 to $125; and parade and special event fees would go from $100 to $125 for low impact events, from $200 to $250 for medium impact events, and from $500 to $625 for high impact events.

Will these increases make you change where you choose to park downtown? Or will it be business as usual? For me I will be watching my watch more closely from now on. Cost me a whopping three dollars the other day when I went past my two hour time by a couple of minutes the other day. Glad I had some cash, because they don’t take credit/debit cards. (I am of course being sarcastic…three dollars is not really that much to pay for convenience.)