Parents severely burned in Cold Springs Fire still recovering at Harborview, making progress

SEATTLE, Wash. — The parents who were severely burned and lost their one-year-old child in the Cold Springs Fire are still recovering from their injuries, and finally had the chance to eat dinner together for the first time since they were brought into the hospital.

The father, Jake, underwent “skin flap” surgery, where his right hand was sewn into his stomach to allow the skin of his hands regrow and wrap around his fingers. Their GoFundMe‘s organizer, Tammie Mabry, says Jake’s been facing several challenges with that hand, and doctors have been working to save him from needing his fingers to be amputated.

The mother, Jamie, had her central line removed this week—a line pierced through a patient’s skin so that multiple IV fluids can be fed directly into the arteries. Doctors did so to avoid any infection developing, and they are determining whether they will put another line back in.

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“One of the nurses in the burn unit commented that Jamie has been one of the best patients she has ever seen,” said Mabry. “Jamie’s ability to take what comes at her, process it and respond with grace is a testimony to us all.”

Lastly, Jake and Jamie were finally able to eat dinner together for the first time since they were admitted to Harborview.

The fundraiser is slowly approaching the goal of $400,000, which aims to help the parents pay off their medical bills. 5,000 people have come together and raised $356,265.

Uriel, their one-year-old son who passed away in the Cold Springs Fire, would have turned two on October 30.

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