Parents protest to reopen Spokane schools sooner

SPOKANE, Wash. — Some concerned parents are rallying to fully reopen Spokane schools.

This follows the school district’s recent announcement that it will start phasing in kindergarteners in early October. Parents lined up with their signs near Shadle Park High School–demanding in-person instruction for all students in all grades.

4 News Now reached out to some of these parents, who said they just want to be able to choose for their own kids.

Spokane Public Schools and surrounding districts made the decision to start bringing back early learners first, but the parents protesting outside Shadle still feel like it is not enough.

“We don’t want to wait,” said Laura Lucas, mother of two. “We’re happy that a phased approach is happening now, don’t get me wrong on that, but we need a concrete schedule to get all of our children back in for in-person instruction again; we’re advocating for choice.”

Parents here are also worried for students in middle and high school, especially not knowing for sure when they will get back in the classroom.

Earlier this week, districts said there is no definitive timeline for these older students.

School officials will continue to check with the Health District to figure out when it is safe to allow them all to return.