ParaSport Spokane athletes shine at Hoopfest

There are some basketball players competing in Hoopfest that refuse to let adversity get in the way of shooting some hoops.

Aiden Youngblood dominated the court with his team #Elite. He played tough defense and even scored during his Saturday morning game.

“They passed me the ball and it was just an easy shot, so I went for it and made it. It was just easy,” Youngblood said.

It’s no surprise the nine-year-old ParaSport Spokane athlete thought that shot was easy. His mom said he’s been playing basketball since he was two and a half years old. Youngblood still gets pumped after a basket after all these years.

“I felt excited. I was proud of myself, really proud,” Youngblood said.

He wasn’t the only one that showed off his skills Saturday morning.

Isaiah Rigo, Spencer Kimbro, and Tyler Hinshaw played some tough basketball, too. Together the three make up the Screaming Goats.

“We picked that team name, what, three years ago and it just stuck,” Rigo said.

This trio of athletes are more than competitors, they’re best friends.

“We’re all best buddies, so it’s always fun playing against each other,” Hinshaw said.

You know it’s gonna be a good game when they get on the court. All three are going to different colleges on athletic scholarships. Hinshaw said his love for basketball has grown through Hoopfest and ParaSport Spokane.

“You kind of think there is a lot you can’t do and then you have a program like this and it enables you to do those things,” Hinshaw said.

ParaSport Spokane athletes shine at Hoopfest

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