Panic button may have saved Spokane mom’s life during attack

KXLY4 is learning more about what happened in the moments after a Spokane Valley mother was stabbed and her son kidnapped by her ex-husband. The panic button she pressed may have saved her life.

Deputies from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office said the boy’s father, Justin Robertson, stabbed his estranged wife. She is getting better. As of Wednesday night, deputies said she is recovering in the hospital, reportedly in ‘satisfactory condition.’

The company, ADT, spoke with her before she hung up. That was enough for the company to call police and get help to her home.

It’s a tool many people use, a security system built into their house. And it’s what a Spokane Valley woman used to possibly save her life after an attack in her own home by her former husband.

“It literally could be life-saving. Which, that situation, that we’re talking about here within the last 24 hours, it probably did help save her life,” said Michael Crouse, owner of Total Security in Spokane.

Crouse is right. In this case, deputies found the victim stabbed and screaming – but still alive.

“Luckily, in these cases – it’s worked and it does work. The number one goal is to contact 911 immediately,” said Corporal Mark Gregory, Spokane County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies want to emphasize you don’t have to spend money to protect yourself.

“The panic alarms work, they’re great. But, if we could get direct information, that could give us an extra minute or two, depending on how long that takes,” Cpl. Gregory said.

In an emergency situation, a minute or two could mean life or death.

So even if you have extra protection – first call 911. You don’t have to say anything, you can just leave the line open.

“That way, we can hear, the call taker can hear what’s going on and be able to provide us with information along the way,” Cpl. Gregory said.

You should know, and make sure your kids and parents know this as well, the different ways of calling for help on mobile devices. For example, on an Apple watch, you can hold down the two buttons on the right side for five seconds and that will immediately call 911, as long as you have the feature turned on.

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