Palouse fair will work to raise mental health awareness

Palouse fair will work to raise mental health awareness

When Palouse community member Lynn Kramer lost a child to suicide, she decided to pursue a way to address mental health problems in the area.

Her organization, iBelieve of the Palouse, is partnering with WSU’s Palouse Mental Health Team to offer a Mental Health Resources Fair.

The team aims to inspire young people to make the most of their talents and opportunities and teach them to deal with challenges. Together, the two organizations are aiming to raise $1 million to open a new youth and wellness center in Pullman.

“We will have a resource center where youth and families can get connected with resources available to help fulfill whatever needs they may have,” Kramer said. “The most important thing for us is that the center and the services offered remain free and open to all.”

The center will feature free psychiatric care and suicide prevention staff.

There is a large demand for mental health services in Pullman, and by extension Moscow and the Palouse, said Callum McLuckie, a member of the Palouse Mental Health Team. After doing some research, McLuckie said he found that depression, anxiety, stress and suicide are common in this area.

McLuckie said they initially named the event “Fitness for Fulfillment” to emphasize finding self-fulfillment in exercising. Fellow team member Eddie Chavez explained they changed the name to “Mental Health Resources Fair” because they want to raise awareness of mental health issues.

“It holds us here in the WSU family pretty dearly, especially with the loss of our quarterback,” he said. “We need to remember that even within [the] Palouse there have been people who have taken their own lives.”

The event itself will provide a body pump, yoga and Zumba class, as well as a silent auction, a panel of WSU celebrities, coaches and other well-known members of the Pullman community. McLuckie said their “Pie a Professional” section will feature the silent auction, where fairgoers will have the option to bid on a chance to “pie” one of the guest speakers.

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