Packed In: Spokane Valley needs more resources to keep up with road repair

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. — The roads in Spokane Valley are in pretty good condition for now, but they’re wearing down faster than the current budget can keep up with.

Repair costs are higher, and more people are moving in which means more traffic. It costs the city around $16 million to keep up with maintenance, but they haven’t used that much for years. The city’s made due using around half the budget, but that isn’t feasible in the foreseeable future.

Kristi Williams moved to the valley in 2019, and one of her neighborhood roads was recently repaved. She’s lived in Seattle and the South Hill and says these roads are much better.

“It’s just a smooth wide surface in our neighborhood and then in our little trek that we cover in town, it’s been really smooth and simple. I feel safe,” Williams said.

Adam Jackson is working on the city’s current pavement projects. He says they want to know what drivers want to see in the future. They have to find ways to come up with the extra funding or other road services like plowing, street lights and neighborhood projects may lose attention.

Jackson says they’re hoping to come up with a plan sooner rather than later to keep the roads in good condition into the future.

If you want to offer your thoughts on upcoming projects and how to keep up with roads, the city has a survey to fill out. You can find more information about the survey or offer feedback HERE.

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