Packed In: Spokane seeks proposals for $10M in affordable housing funds

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SPOKANE, Wash. – City leaders are seeking Requests for Proposals to distribute approximately $10 million to help address Spokane’s housing crisis. 

The RFPs for housing and housing-related supportive services combine funding from the federal American Rescue Plan, the local Sales and Use Tax for Affordable and Supportive Housing, and the local and state Sales and Use Tax for Housing and Housing-Related Supportive Services. 

Six million dollars are ARPA funds that provide governments resources to respond to the pandemic and its economic effects. 

“These critical funds can support the acquisition, rehabilitation or construction of affordable housing, maintenance and operations of new units, and behavioral health services,” said Community Housing and Human Services Housing Manager George Dahl. “Everyone deserves access to affordable housing, regardless of income.”

The city said it is hoping to provide funds to people with behavioral health disabilities, veterans, senior citizens, people who are homeless or at risk of being homeless, people with disabilities and domestic violence survivors. 

“Council is thankful for these additional resources to help people who need them the most,” said Council Member Betsy Wilkerson. “We have had fantastic partners doing this work, and we look to working with more partners to help distribute these funds in a timely matter. Safe and adequate housing is foundational in our lives, and everyone should have access to resources that will help them obtain and maintain a home.”

The proposal application deadline is Friday, June 10 at 5 p.m. The City Council expects to consider the proposals in July following a recommendation from the CHHS Board. 

Completed applications should be submitted via email to

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