Packed In: ‘Huge, huge concerns’: Neighbors worry about pace of development in Latah Valley

SPOKANE, Wash. — Neighbors in the Grandview-Thorpe neighborhood have growing fears as growth impacts the place they love.

Traffic is already tight in the neighborhood and taking 16th Ave is one of the only ways people can get in and out. 

Frustrations are growing and now neighbors are coming together to share concerns about the place they call home. 

“There’s huge, huge concerns,” said Kai Huschke, who lives in Vinegar Flats. “There has been for years about where the evolution of where this valley is going.” 

The Inland Northwest needs more homes, but people in Latah Valley are worried developments are happening too fast and without enough planning. 

“Now it’s like, we’ve built out every other part of the city, what’s left? What’s next?” Huschke asked. 

Some are concerned about new construction in Latah Valley. They say the current traffic flow, infrastructure and community resources can’t keep up. 

Molly Marshall, who lives in the Grandview-Thorpe area, worries it’s not safe. 

“If you add more development of any sizeable nature, you’re creating conditions that are going to create all kinds of consequences,” Huschke said. 

These neighbors are now urging city leaders to put a pause on development. They have started a petition to protect Latah Valley and want a moratorium on proposed development. They say proper planning cannot be overlooked to find a quick fix to the housing shortage. 

“What is the future of this area and what factors are we going to consider when we do that, versus just looking through the lens of ‘Hey, we need more houses,’” Huschke said. 

These neighbors want to see growth happen. They say they just want to make sure it is smart growth that takes into account the voices of people who already call the area home. 

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