Pacific Northwest Solutions fined over $25K for using reactor without permit

SPOKANE, Wash.— The Washington Department of Ecology fined a Pasco fertilizer manufacturer $25,500 for using a mobile fertilizer reactor without an air quality permit. 

The potential release of two toxic gases—ammonia and fluoride—is one of the reasons why air quality permits are being implemented by the WDE.

Pacific Northwest Solutions has now seen its third penalty in the last two years, facing two $5000 fines in the past two years. The company failed proper test requirements of equipment in 2019 and 2020.

“Protecting air quality is not optional for businesses in our state – it’s the law,” said David Knight, Air Quality manager for Ecology’s Eastern Region. “We hope Pacific Northwest Solutions takes this penalty seriously and brings its operations into compliance.”

The incident occurred on March 8, 2021, near Moses Lake. After the investigation occurred, evidence showed the reactor produced 650 tons of ammonium polyphosphate liquid fertilizer over the span of three days.

The Washington Pollution Control Hearings Board can hear an appeal from Pacific Northwest Solutions within the next 30 days. 

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