PAC finds effective, inexpensive advertising options through social media

Political ads have started to fill social media feeds as the November election edges closer. The Question PAC harnessed that tactic to ‘challenge every single Republican legislator running for office’ in Washington.

The Question PAC was founded last April with the purpose of ‘challenging and defeating Republican candidates at all levels of government in the state.’ The PAC’s website said it has a specific focus on rural and conservative races.

That may be why voters have seen several ads on social media targeting hopefuls, like Spokane mayoral candidate Nadine Woodward. While Spokane’s mayoral race is non-partisan, the PAC has spent money on social media advertising to share ads that criticize Woodward. She’s facing Ben Stuckart for the office.

Wiegand said one reason this race caught his eye is because it’s been so close. For him, spending money on social media ads is a cheap and effective way to spread his PAC’s message. For just a few hundred dollars, he has the potential to reach thousands.

“I think it is one of the most important places and most potential for growth for kind of changing the politics of Eastern Washington and that’s why we are emphasizing it,” Wiegand said.

Big social media companies, including Facebook and Twitter, have launched initiatives to promote transparency and define what political content is.